Support your baby’s visual development and stimulate their brains.

Our baby sensory muslins have been developed to appeal to tiny eyes with high contrast monochrome prints.

  • A baby is lying on her tummy with her head lifted and turned to the right, staring at the black and white print on the muslin that is in view.

    Stimulate brain development.

    Support your baby’s visual and cognitive development by providing them with an age-appropriate sensory experience. With shapes they can focus on, baby eyesight can improve.

  • Bring wonder to babies.

    Our high contrast patterns are visually stimulating to tiny eyes meaning they are perfect to use during tummy time, nappy changes and car journeys when you need an extra distraction.

  • A little peace for parents.

    With the little one distracted by our magic prints, you might even be able to drink that coffee while it's still hot. Our patterned sensory muslins are designed for babies in their first year, and beyond.


High contrast patterns are easier for small babies to see. Our muslins provide something for babies to focus on, encouraging connections to form between their eyes and brain.