Bringing wonder to babies.

Arti Mae creates products for simple sensory experiences at home - or on the go - with you and your baby. Our sensory muslins are printed with high-contrast black and white prints designed for babies aged 0-12 months to aid visual development, support learning and spark wonder.


Simple products that spark wonder.

We aim to create products that are easy-to-use and easy-to-love for their versatility, quality and style. Ones that don’t clog our homes or cost the earth by using organic and/or sustainable materials where possible – both in our products and packaging.

Who "WE" ARE

Designer, mother, lover of simplicity.

I'm Erin, a creative director and mother of two small children living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Amidst the chaos and joy, motherhood taught me to slow down and appreciate the small wonders that get missed in a busy adult life. This is the notion behind Arti Mae; simple products that spark wonder.

The name Arti Mae is a nod to my children and I created the brand while on maternity leave with my baby girl, using some time to create the patterns and test the product with her. It's a cliche to say it but my babies are my inspiration.

Erin x

An 8-week old baby lays on her tummy to the left of the image, with her face turned to the right staring intently at the black lines of the Lotti muslin that is hung up.


High-contrast black and white.

High-contrast patterns have been proven to be beneficial to newborns and babies because they provide something for tiny eyes to focus on. The clarity helps them make sense of the world and can aid eyesight and brain development.

I created the patterns in ink on paper before digitalising them for print. With a little help from my then 3-month old baby girl, and other parents and babies, the patterns were tested and sampled before being printed onto the softest bamboo and cotton muslin fabric.


Wonder for babies, joy for parents.

Arti Mae products aim to bring wonder to your little babes while also supporting their development.

I hope this is turn brings a moment of peace to parents while their little one is distracted and mesmerised by the patterns – perhaps for the mini-break of a hot coffee!