What is a baby sensory muslin?

What is a baby sensory muslin?

Our baby sensory muslins are simply large muslin squares (120x120cm) of cotton/bamboo fabric, printed with bold black and white prints. Designed to be used with infants aged 0-12 months, they can support visual and brain development by providing a high-contrast pattern that little eyes can focus on.

They are an ideal baby shower or newborn gift because they are gender-neutral and practical. Being monochrome, they won't clash with anyone's home decor and they are printed onto beautiful soft fabric perfect for babies. 

Using a baby sensory muslin with a baby, gives them something to look and can provide parents with a moment of peace. While baby is distracted you can sit down for five minutes, enjoy your coffee, do some scrolling or, let's be real, watch in awe as your tiny human finds joy in the patterns! 

So how do you use a baby sensory muslin? Here are our favourite ways: 

  • Lay it on the floor and place baby on top during tummy time.
  • Use it as a distraction for nappy changes by hanging next to a change mat.
  • Drape your muslin over the side of the cot to create a wall of amazing pattern for baby to look at.
  • Hang in the car for journeys - a slightly open window can also create movement in the patterns.
  • Use with a baby gym by draping or hanging over the frame.
  • Play peekaboo!
  • Swaddle baby for sleepy time - our muslins are big enough to use as a traditional swaddle.

Our muslins are available in two prints, the Lotti muslin is ideal for newborns as it has simple lines and extra white space and the Soli muslin is great for 4+ months as older babies can process the irregular shapes more easily. Both can be used in baby's first year - and beyond! My baby girl is now 14 months old and I still carry one around everywhere; she recognises it as we have used it for nearly a year so loves holding and playing with it. Plus who doesn't love a muslin on-hand for spills!

Let me know if you have any questions about our product and if you want to find out more about the magic of our muslins, see here.



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