The Wonder Years: Jess Bos

The Wonder Years: Jess Bos

Parents of small children are amazing. You are juggling all the juggles; keeping small humans alive, a house (vaguely) tidy, feeding yourself and others, dressing yourself and others, maybe working, maybe exercising, maybe pursuing passions. The first years can feel frantic one day and magical the next. We believe these are the years we’ll look back on with a wistful smile. The Wonder Years series chats to other parents about the highs and lows of parenting and finding joy (or at least some sanity) in the simple things.

Jess Bos is the owner of Meraki Thread Co., a beautiful boutique in Mooloolaba QLD that has a curated collection of women's fashion, childrenswear, accessories and homewares. She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Nate and two children, Sunny (3) and Goldie (10 months). After meeting Jess at a mum's group for our first babies, we've shared many wonderful parenting moments and navigated some of the not-so-great ones together. We sat down to discuss caravan trips, bush poos and balancing work with family time.  

Describe your perfect family day:

A perfect family day for us would be sleeping past 5am (haha no chance) coffee, bagel and a walk together with the pram while Sunny rides his bike followed by the day at the beach while Nate and I tag team each having a surf. Then, a chilled afternoon at home being present and playing with the kids.

Your favourite thing to do with your kids?

Take a trip in our caravan to be in nature with no distractions and just enjoy each other's company

What are you most proud of about your children / your parenting? Any parenting wins?

I am proud of how my toddler (Sunny) has taken to being a big brother, it's so special to see him look after his sister and show empathy and compassion with her.

A parenting win for us recently is Sunny’s new confidence with swimming, 6 months ago he would refuse to go in the water or under the water and was crippled with fear so we purchased a cheap Big W pool and it has been a game changer - along with lessons he now loves swimming.  

Any embarrassing stories or fails relating to parenting? 

Not sure why parenting always turns to poop but here we go – Sunny has always had an issue with number two’s and withholding them so recently, when we were camping and he said he needed to go (after many days of trying to convince him) we thought great let's capture on this and just let him do a bush poo here and now...only to discover that resulted in him refusing to go any other way and therefore doing “bush poos” in our backyard for every day for a week!

What have your children taught you?

They have taught me so much and made me obsessed with self-growth and self-improvement so that I can be the best version of myself for them. I have learnt to be more present and find my inner child playfulness which I love!

How do you juggle being a small business owner with small children?

It is certainly a juggle there is no doubt about that! Trying to balance my entrepreneurial ventures and being a first-time mum then into motherhood with two children plus trying my best to create a loving home environment while also having the motivation to continue pushing my times the harmony between the two roles is not always easy. I have learnt a few of the best ways to maintain the balancing act: number one is support (it takes a tribe to raise kids) so that’s thanks to my amazing hands-on hubby, friends (shout out to my epic mum group) and carers. I have also learnt over the years that with children things will rarely go to plan and you just have to adapt, pivot and roll with the punches. I can put Goldie down for a nap and plan in my head it will be 1.5 hrs of me getting through work and emails ..easy right? Then she wakes up 20 mins later and instead of spiralling I need a new plan of attack. But the main lesson I have learnt is that family always comes first and when I am home I have set boundaries to ensure my time with my kids is uninterrupted without checking my phone or emails and just being present with the time I have around them because at the end of the day work is work and family are the priority.

Best advice you were given about parenting:

Always be the kind of person you want your kids to be – kids learn by example so be that example.

Your advice for new parents:

Don’t compare to others, every parenting journey and every child is different. Follow your instincts and trust your intuition!

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