New year, new names!

New year, new names!

New year, new product names..

I’ve been reviewing the brand over the holidays and have updated the product names to better communicate what they are. It’s likely nobody will notice but I like transparency in business so I wanted to explain what they are and why:

The Lotti Muslin is now the Lines Muslin.
Why? Because it features lines all over it! Ideal for use from birth with the simpler shapes. SHOP HERE

The Soli Muslin is now the Shapes Muslin.
Why? You guessed it - covered is lovely bubbly soft shapes. Best for 4+ months as the shapes are a bit trickier for fresh eyes. SHOP HERE

These are small changes that I hope will make it easier for customers and stockists to know and remember the different products.

Happy 2024! Here’s to a year of simplicity and saying it like it is 👊
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