How to find a moment of peace with a newborn baby

How to find a moment of peace with a newborn baby

Oh, the newborn days! The joyful, all-encompassing waves of love entwined with crazy sleep deprivation and innate responsibility for another human being. The warmth of a baby's skin as they snuggle on your chest then navigating the endless feeds, nappy changes and sleep cycles. It is the most beautiful and sometimes most difficult time of parenting.

When all you need is a moment of peace, we have a few practical ideas for you to help get through the longest days.

1. Get a really good baby carrier.
Whether you choose a wrap, sling or structured carrier, baby carriers allow you to keep your baby close while also giving you the use of your hands! If baby is going through a clingy period, carriers are a godsend for getting things done at home or if you want to go for a walk. Pop your headphones in, crank up that music or find a really good podcast and enjoy the quiet time. My favourites are ChekohErgobaby and Baby Bjorn mini.

2. Invest in a large playmat
I deliberated for ages about whether to spend the money on a large rubber playmat and it has proven to be the most used baby/toddler/child item in our house. Playmats provide a soft, safe place for babies to be placed and the rubber ones are now available in beautiful designs (often double sided) that won't ruin your interior aesthetic! You spend a lot of time sitting on the floor with children and they really make it more comfy for everyone. With somewhere safe for baby, you can place them down while you do other stuff - or just sit without a baby attached to you for a few minutes. Try Grace & Maggie or Munchkin & Bear.

3. Grab your sensory muslin
If you have a playmat, lay the muslin down on it with the pattern facing up and then place baby on top for some tummy time. Even babies who hate being on their tummy get distracted by the patterns! Alternatively you can hang the muslin over the side of the cot or drape over a baby gym and - voila! - a baby sensory space at home. Sit down, drink that hot coffee and enjoy your baby enjoying the patterns. We have two prints, the Lotti and the Soli, or the muslins are avaiable in a Wonder Bundle that includes both of them. 

Photo: @jessleewilson1

4. When the baby naps....
I won't say nap when the baby naps as this isn't always practical, especially if the baby is napping on you BUT try to rest. Don't feel the pressure of doing the dishes or the washing or whatever. Relinquish any guilt of not being productive. Laying on the sofa with a trashy movie or great book will reset your nervous system, calm the body down and replenish your energy. The newborn days can feel endless but once they are over, you will miss the slow moments of a tiny baby cuddled into you. Take you time to enjoy the slower pace and remember nothing lasts forever!

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