Behind the Product: Lines Sensory Muslin

Behind the Product: Lines Sensory Muslin

Our Lines Sensory Muslin is designed for use from birth as the simple pattern is perfect for tiny eyes to focus on. Babies are born with limited visual acuity - which means they can't focus that well on what they can see. 

According to the article Visual Perception and Early Brain Development, newborns 
have "a preference for black and white designs, especially designs with angles" because they are able to identify the dark and light areas of simple patterns. Our Lines Sensory Muslin was developed to appeal to newborns with simple, straight lines and clear spaces. 
But, why is it important for babies to look simple black and white patterns?

Research has shown that exposing infants to black and white patterns can stimulate their visual cortex, the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information. According to a study published in the journal Developmental Science, newborns who were shown black and white patterns showed increased brain activity compared to those who were not exposed. This heightened brain activity suggests that black and white patterns play a crucial role in stimulating and strengthening the neural connections involved in visual processing and, in turn, their ability to understand the world. 

Babies learn through play.

Even newborn babies can learn through play and our Lines Sensory Muslin is perfect as a sensory activity to encourage development. By draping one so your baby can see it - try over a play gym, off a table or the side of the cot - you can create a simple, easy sensory experience at home. Your little babe will be filled with wonder and you can take five - maybe even to sit down and enjoy a coffee!

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