Baby Sensory Play at Home

Baby Sensory Play at Home

Our muslins are designed to be used at home with a super quick setup and multiple ways of using. Activities that stimulate the senses help with baby's cognitive, social, and emotional development. Babies are born with the ability to detect and respond to various sensory stimuli, but their sensory systems continue to develop through experiences and interactions with their environment. By using our bold black and white muslins, we can visually engage babies and help to support their overall development.

Here are some ideas for using your muslins at home for sensory play activities:

  • Tummy Time
    Lay your baby on their tummy, on top of a muslin. Let them focus on the bold shapes and explore the soft texture while strengthening their neck muscles.

  • Hanging Muslin
    Hang/drape a muslin over your baby's play gym or cot to encourage them to look up and look at the patterns. If they are old enough, place it in hand’s reach and allow them to interact with it.

  • Hand Puppet
    Place the muslin over your hand and slowly wiggle your fingers or create a make a “duck beak” with you thumb and fingers. Encourage your baby to track the movement and watch them enjoy the patterns dancing. Gently tickling them with the muslin also stimulates touch.

  • Peekaboo
    Use the muslin cloth to cover your face, or your babies, and then remove it, saying "peek-a-boo!" This game can help babies develop object permanence and social skills.

  • Texture exploration
    Place different textured objects under the muslin cloth and encourage your baby to touch and explore them. You can use items like crinkly paper, soft toys, or textured balls.

  • Soft Stokes
    Use your muslin to softly stroke baby – over their whole body creates a touch experience and over the face, with the pattern facing them, allows them to watch the high contrast pattern as it moves over them.

The beauty of our sensory muslins are that they can be tied, hung, draped and scrunched to create many different experiences for your baby. We hope you love using your sensory muslins at home and your baby is filled with wonder! 

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